Worried About Alzheimer’s Disease? Start Here…

Are you concerned about Alzheimer’s disease?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a subtle memory or cognitive decline in a family member or close friend. You want to encourage them to seek help, but are not sure where to start.alzheimers29n-1-web

If that concern has crossed your mind, then this week’s podcast is for you.

“Worried About Alzheimer’s Disease?  Start Here…”

In this week’s 5 Minutes to Health podcast, I’ll provide direction in some of the most commonly asked questions about Alzheimer’s evaluation:

– What is the most important first step in evaluating dementia?

– Where should you start?

– What are the early signs of Alzheimer’s dementia?

– Are there things you can do to help prevent its progression?

Click here to help your family member or friend get started in the right direction.

Listen in to find out!

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