The Right Dose

Nothing is worse than seeing a child suffering from illness.

Whether they have a fever from a common illness, or a more severe condition, you (and I) want to do everything we can to help ease their suffering.svitlana-ua

But sometimes our help can turn to harm. Especially when it comes to getting the right dose.

An astounding new study showed that 8 out of 10 well-meaning parents made this mistake when preparing to give medication to their child.

What was the mistake?

That’s the topic of this week’s 5 Minutes to Health podcast.

“The Right Dose”

In this week’s 5 Minutes to Health podcast, I’ll share:

 – The most common mistake that 8 out of 10 parents made with medication for their child
– How important that mistake is
– The best way to safely administer medication to your child (or grandchild)

Click here to discover this common mistake—and how to avoid it!

Listen in to find out!

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