My Big Surprise
It wasn’t exactly how I imagined that moment would go down. As I sat in the dimly lit but esteemed[...]
Beyond Surviving the Big Thanksgiving Meal!
Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be grateful for—I know you’ll be reflecting on God’s goodness in the coming days, as[...]
The Right Dose
Nothing is worse than seeing a child suffering from illness. Whether they have a fever from a common illness, or[...]
The Surprise Danger Of The Salad Bar
Are you, like me, a fan of healthy eating? Do you look for options like salad bars and other healthy[...]
The One Flu Vaccine You Can’t Get This Year
Have you made your plans for getting your flu shot this fall? Do you know the best time to get[...]
Worried About Alzheimer’s Disease? Start Here…
Are you concerned about Alzheimer’s disease? Perhaps you’ve noticed a subtle memory or cognitive decline in a family member or[...]
The Hidden Dangers of Business Dinners
Do you dine out frequently? Maybe you or a family member travel for work or conferences, and find yourself entertaining[...]
Is Stevia Safe?
Last month, I did a 5 Minutes to Health Podcast sharing... ... “The Big Fat Problem with Artificial Sweeteners” which generated[...]

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